Larry Tobias, M.A.

New grandpa, Larry Tobias has had a lifelong interest in meteorology, astronomy and the environmental sciences. He received a B.A. in Geography from the University of Cincinnati, 1971 and a M.A. in Geography from S.U.N.Y. Binghamton, 1974. He worked at the Center for Integrative Studies at S.U.N.Y. Binghamton and University of Houston from 1973-1977 with Dr. John McHale and Magda Cordell McHale conducting research. 

Mr. Tobias has long been interested in world and national development strategies. While at the Center for Integrative Studies, Mr. Tobias worked on a major United Nations sponsored study on human needs. This study concerned basic human needs such as food, health, education, shelter and clothing and how might these be met that are harmonious with sustainable, environmental and developmental objectives. 

As Dr. John McHale pointed out “Absolute poverty is due not to shortfalls of material or technological resources but to shortcomings of social imagination and political management.” Mr. Tobias’ Masters Thesis, titled “A Study of Attitude Variation on the Flood Plain”, focused on the Elmira, New York flood of June 1972. The Thesis discussed and delved into how people perceived the flood differently depending on their location. As a lifetime learner, Mr. Tobias has had a fascination with the “Balance” within Nature. Nature is always trying to achieve a “Steady State”, balance, but never fully achieves it. This drives our weather for example: Polar air moves south, tropical air moves north, trying to achieve heat balance around the planet. Mr. Tobias continues to have an interest in learning about sustainable development, development that will gently impact our environment without depleting our natural resources. This impact is so important as our world population grows at over 227,000 people a day or 83 million people per year.