Andreao "Fanatic" Heard, Grammy Award-Winning Producer

Leo Williams is an award-winning, Millenial

director guided by a passion to create powerful work. He has worked as a director, 

writer, editor, producer, graphic designer, leader, presenter and builder for creative 

departments in small, medium and large companies throughout Boston and New York, 

including General Electrics and NBC Universal.

Most recently creative director for Sustainable Standards. Leo is responsible for crafting

the creative look and feel for projects; from campaign concept and execution of the 

advertising and marketing shoots to developing the design voice of each projects. Leo 

and his team create video content, photography and graphic design for every aspect of 

Sustainable Standards. This helped present each project with a clear understanding for 

their customers and investors by telingl trend, key pieces and versatility stories.

Leo has also worked previously at real estate start up Triplemint as video director 

working on their Visual look as well as promotional content and supported a successful 

pitch that landed the start-up a million dollar account.