Ronald E. Biron, D.A., MBA

Dr. Ronald E. Biron, (Dr. Ron) has for the last two decades been highly engaged in Higher Education as a senior administrator with non-profit and profit institutions. 

His focus is on transformational change while improving on student-centered and institutional results. He has held positions as; Community College President, Assistant Vice President for International Education, Associate Dean, Business Department Chair, faculty member and presently is the Dean of Academic Affairs and Operations in South Florida. His administrative positions have enabled Dr. Biron to collaborate with institutions and organizations around the globe, most notably in India, Mexico, South Korea, China, Serbia and the U.K. 

Prior to his academic successes, he spent a number of years in private business sectors and broadcast media in New England. To compliment his on-going drive for understanding the complexities and challenges of multigenerational approaches to global issues, he continues to instruct Graduate and Undergraduate business and leadership courses. 

Presently, he is writing a book on “The changing leadership paradigm of the Millennial generation.” Dr. Biron has a Doctorate in Leadership from Franklin Pierce University and a MBA from New Hampshire College. He currently resides in South Florida and enjoys global travel.